Regional Roundtables

Regional Roundtables are hosted each year in every region of the state, normally during the months of January or February.  Roundtables are a collaborative effort of the DD Council, LaCAN, and Families Helping Families.  The format for each roundtable varies a bit to suit the needs of each region’s members and policymakers, but the information provided is the same across the state.

Roundtables offer an opportunity for LaCAN members:

  • to learn or strengthen individual advocacy skills
  • to hear about the current state-of-the-state including issues in need of grassroots advocacy 
  • to meet with local policymakers
  • to share how they have been or will be personally affected by current/proposed policies

Despite different types of venues, menus, and organization, every roundtable offers important information for both members and policymakers alike, and a venue for these two groups to connect.  A typical roundtable is 2-4 hours long and includes a free meal (breakfast or lunch - depending on the time of the event).

If you would like to attend a roundtable near you, click here for the 2017 Legislative Roundtable schedule.



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