Systems Change & Capacity Building

The Council engages in Systems Change and Capacity Building activities to improve the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities in the community.  Community living refers to people living in their own homes, with their families, or with roommates of their choosing, students attending their neighborhood schools and having access to educational opportunities that prepare them to enter the workforce and adults working and/or engaging in meaningful integrated daytime activities.
Systems change involves the transformation or significant improvement of the service delivery systems to further enhance the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life.  
Capacity building refers to strengthening the skills, competencies and abilities of people, communities and organizations to overcome obstacles that interfere with people with developmental disabilities living and working in their communities.
Some examples of current and past Council initiatives addressing various Systems  
Change and Capacity Building approaches are included below:

Supporting systems change through grassroots advocacy efforts:
Direct advocacy for Systems Change
Capacity Building through training and technical assistance for providers
Training and leadership development for individuals with developmental disabilities and family members
Demonstration of innovative practices
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