Council Plans and Annual Reports

In January 2016, the Council ratified a new Five Year Plan which will be in effect from FFY 2017 to FFY 2021.  The new Plan contains goals and objectives for the following areas: Advocacy and Leadership Development, Community Support, Education, Early Intervention and Child Care, Transition, and Employment.  The FFY 2017 Action Plan began October 1, 2016.

The Council uses its two priority committees to monitor plan activities.  The two committees and the areas of emphasis for which they are responsible are:

Self Determination/Community Inclusion/Housing Committee

  • Quality Assurance
  • Community Supports

Health/Education/Employment Committee

  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Recreation
  • Child Care
Five (5) Year State Plan & Annual Reports 
The following are the Council’s Five Year Plans and Annual Reports which provide summaries of the Council’s activities for each year.
Federal Fiscal Years 2017 – 2021
                 Five Year Plan FFY 2017 – 2021
                 FFY 2018 Action Plan
                 FFY 2017 Action Plan
Federal Fiscal Years 2012-2016
     FFY 2016 Plan        FFY 2016 Report
     FFY 2015 Plan        FFY 2015 Report 
     FFY 2014 Plan        FFY 2014 Report
     FFY 2013 Plan        FFY 2013 Report
     FFY 2012 Plan        FFY 2012 Report
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